Tuesday, July 28, 2009

every girl NEEDS
cute little piggies..
at least mine does :)

like mommy like baby..i LOVE this girl.

Monday, July 20, 2009

july 09'

just let me in mom!!
in this RIDICULOUS heat
we've been doing this a lot
and avery loves it...maybe a little too much!
can you beleive she's 10 months old??!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

new grandma
of 2

Sunday, July 5, 2009

this one loves her mashed potatoes.

please disregard my voice, i wish i could mute it out..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

somebody had a birthday...
2 twenty-four 4
on July 1st.
we got to go out on the town & go
we had the whole place to our selves
it was SO hot,
but fun!

his AMAZING birthday surprise
(which he ruined :) )

so obviously acting!!

but he really is happy with it,
which means
i'm happy.
why are men so hard to shop for???!!
i had it all planned out too.
he usually get's home from school around 1230pm
and i had the greatest idea
i'd put it together before he gets home,
put it outside
with a bright red bow
give him his birthday card, with it saying
"go look outside"
and there it would be
and i'd be the coolest wife in the whole world
because not only did i get him the grill
but I put it together
which means
didn't have too.
is this a battle for anyone else???
he ended up getting out of school early
and i only had the legs put together
so, needless to say
he took over, and it got done. and we bbq'd tonight
and it was yummy
and he looked really
behind the grill.

Happy Birthday!
I love you!

what have we been up to?

we started out our summer with a
moving 2 times in 4 weeks!!
first we lived with scott's parents.
and saved loads of $$
then we moved into our new apartment
which we
we live in the same complex as luke, brittney &
most importantly, sorry guys :)
baby dallace

avery had tons of fun getting away with
at grandma & grandpa's
(and we loved having built in babysitters, thanks!)

exploring the kitchen!
and getting into everything!!

our new kitchen,
small but LOTS of cupboard/counter space..
i love the window above the sink!

new decor that i

i went all crafty (crazy i know!) and painted our light wooden table
and chairs, my favorite furniture color
i've been thinking about doing it
for a year, and finally did.
scott was a big help!

avery's dresser needed an
updated look
so, i painted the drawers green
(stole the idea from desperate housewives)
and put knobs on them
we're still missing a few,
but you get the point..
and you can't see, but my inlaws also put
little feet on the bottom to raise it up.

avery's new room
(that she hates sleeping in, getting used to it though..)
we are allowed to paint in our new place
but we have to pay for them to repaint.
so instead,
i found these cute vinyl
circles at my favorite store,

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