Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Break 2011

Scott gets a fall break every year to help students prepare for finals.
He was able to work this break, so we didn't see much of him,
but he was home earlier because he didn't have any meetings,
which was amazing.
We didn't go anywhere, but there is so much to do in Omaha
that we had a lot of fun when he was home.
There's so many things that the kids and I do all the time that Scott 
has never gotten to do, he just hears about it. 
So we decided to show him some of the places that we like to go to.
We took him to the duck pond so he could see how crazy those 
geese were in person! And they didn't disappoint!
We also went to the Children's Museum which I didn't realize was open on
Saturdays and now that I know, I'm sure we'll go more often
as a family.
We also went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch and spent all day there, and still didn't get to see everything!
Now that fall break is over we are counting down the days until 
Christmas vacation, when we get to have daddy all to ourselves for
about 5 weeks!

Everyone that we know talks about this pumpkin patch! We didn't get to 
go last year so soon after having Jax, but we've heard about it 
so much that we really wanted to go this year, and it was awesome!
There was so much to do, Avery and Jax loved every minute of it.
We watched pig races, jumped into hay, rode bikes, looked at animals,
watched a magic show....and so much more.
We are definitely making this a tradition while we live in Omaha.

Playing in the corn seeds
was probably the best part of the day for these two.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

57 days until we try that new mexican place you were telling me about....

Do you see that?? It used to be over 100 days.
No one can take amazingly flattering pictures with me like
Rachey Baby can.
Have you introduced the blog to your bf?
You should.
Have him take a look at what he's getting himself into, okay?
And make sure you tell him about our 4 vacations we're taking a year.
So he better make a lot of money, because we only do things in a
big way.
Also, tell him about how much we like to shop, get our hair done, nails, pedi's,
any excuse for eating out, mainly spending money at any given chance. Make sure he knows all of that so he doesn't learn the hard way like mine did.
My computer is broken, so all I had to choose from
were these priceless beauties.
I wish I was really rich so I could pay for a ticket for you to come see me.
Because last time that you were here, lots of great stuff happened to me.
Cutting extensions out of my hair for over an hour, because they decided
to become dreads over night.
Forgetting my wallet and car registration when I got pulled over
by a crazy police officer, who stalked us for 40 blocks....not even exaggerating.
Losing my phone at the mall.
Is that it? Or am I forgetting something?

See why you should come? Only awesome things happen when you're here.
Love you, Rachey Baby.
Sing him the song.

Favorite pics:
Top Middle.
Bottome Left.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Attack of the ducks...

We decided to take a little stroll around the duck pond to take some pictures and feed the ducks.
Little did we know the ducks hadn't eaten in years
or something because they went crazy and chased us!
I probably looked like a crazy person to
all of the passerby joggers
screaming for Avery to run, pushing Jax in our jogging stroller
with 50 ducks chasing us!

Make a wish.....

Who can get a 3 year old to sit still and smile?
Not me.....

Here is where the fun starts.
We thought, look at those ducks, they look nice.
Ducks are so deceiving....

Come here ducks, we have foooooood!
Ok, that's a little close.....

This is where we started walking the other way...and they started
to chase us...

I thought we lost them, turned around and they were
right behind us!
And that's when the screaming and running,
looking like a crazy person took place.

Stay back ducks!

We survived...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Guess what?!

It's been 9 months of trying to get her to do it
and this week, after staying home for 4 days in a row,
doing nothing but staying in our pj's and underwear,
it happened!!
This little sweet & sassy girl is potty-trained!!
And apparently she's annoyed that I'm
taking a picture of her while she's doing her business.
But this is a right of passage...
and you've gotta document it, right?!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jax is 1!

One whole year has passed since our lives changed forever.

One year ago today, Scott and I got up before 5:00 am, I did my hair & put some make-up on, I wanted to look nice when I met my son.

We got to the hospital for the amnio test to make sure his lungs were developed enough, I really didn't think it was going to happen.

But after an hour of waiting on the results, Dr. C came in and said "Are you ready to have a baby today?"

I looked at Scott, and I think it went without saying that we thought we were ready…

I was in labor for 9 hours when his heart rate started dropping with each contraction.

Then the next thing we knew, I was being rolled down for a c-section, praying and telling myself that it was ok and I was not going to be ‘that’ mom who got emotional over having an unplanned c-section.

It took forever for the anesthesiologist to get me completely numb, but I wasn't about to have surgery and be able to feel anything.

Jax was born at 7:09pm.

He looked and sounded surreal, his cry was so quiet.

I touched his foot, and they took him to get cleaned up.

They brought him to me for a minute and then he was gone.

For over 2 hours.

He was fine, so I don’t know why it took forever, but I just remember thinking and telling the nurse that I really wanted to see my baby.

They finally brought him to me and I held him until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

It took 3 days to name him, our last night we decided on Jax Adam Boyce.

This last year has probably been the hardest and most rewarding year of our lives. Jax has brought so much joy into our home. His sweet spirit is exactly what our family needed. He’s been the sweetest baby, we love him so much!

Jax loves Avery, they hold hands in the car and make each other laugh all day. We went from having the quietest baby to now hearing dadadadadada, loud screeching, dancing, playing with his toys, banging things on anything that makes loud noises, laughing and clapping. He is into everything and never wants to be left out. He follows us around like a little shadow. We are so blessed to have him in our family!


Can you guess what happened???

Thank you self-timer!

Opening presents....

We went to the Zoo and Red Robin for Jax's birthday.

Luckily he's 1 and didn't realize that it rained the whole time we were at the zoo,

we forgot to bring our camera there…

and our waitress was really lame and forgot to sing to him at dinner.

He loved watching the gorillas and eating his ice cream sundae so that's all that matters


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