Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ramblings of a tired momma...

Avery is becoming more and more grown up. I've been watching her today, and am amazed at what a little lady she's becoming, and she's only 2! Today she ran up to me and said "Oh my goodness!" That was pretty hilarious....I had no idea what she
was saying it for. She's very good at reminding us to say family prayers at night before bedtime, and she stays pretty reverent while we pray. She also requires a prayer before we leave her room, I think it makes her feel safe. She's also been talking like a baby lately, trying to tell me things in a little baby language...I'm thinking this is because Jax is starting to coo more and we make it a big deal and get all excited, so she's doing it for attention.

Nana Watson sent her a puzzle a few weeks ago, and now she's obsessed. That thing has become the best entertainment! We got her a couple more and I think they might be too easy for her. She has dress up shoes from my sister that she likes to wear now, they have
little heels on them and she falls all over the place.

She's always liked make-up from watching me put it on,
so I gave her a really old blush brush that I never use and its like her
favorite thing to do, sit in front of the mirror and act like
she's putting make-up on, just like mommy.

Avery likes pushing a chair to the counter, standing on it and completely
emptying all of the silverware.
A few days ago, she poured more than half of the fishes food in its tank while
I was feeding Jax, I walked into the kitchen & freaked out,
you couldn't even see the fish there was so much food floating around.
I told her that Dorothy was going to be
really sick because of what she did, and Avery came and sat
on the recliner all sad that she made her fish sick. I
felt kinda
bad for making her feel bad, but I don't know
how else to keep her out of that fish tank! We moved the fish downstairs,
and she's hardly ever down there alone, so hopefully that doesn't happen again.

I'm really missing putting Avery to bed every night. I only
get to do it 2-3 nights a week now that I'm working. So basically
when she has a nap in the afternoon, I leave before she wakes up
and I end up not seeing her from like 2pm until the next day...that bothers
me, but I keep reminding myself that this is temporary! I've made
Scott keep her up until I get home on weekend nights
so we can hang out.

I feel overwhelmed trying to balance work and Scott's schedule,
the kids, and all of the house stuff that comes
with being a wife and mom.
I haven't had more than 5 hours of sleep at night in the past few
weeks. And its not a consistent 5 hours, its being
every hour in a half to either feed him or calm him down. I'm not sure what's going with with mr. Jax but it's
making things seem WAY harder with being so tired all. the. time.
He's never been that great of a sleeper at night & he totally refuses to
sleep without nursing. I don't have the heart
to just let him cry it out...but we may be getting close to doing so.
I feel like life would be so much easier if he would take
a binky for more than 5 seconds or learn to soothe himself back to sleep, but its not
happening yet. He does take 2 pretty good naps
during the day. We've been able to hang out with friends
almost every day now that the weather isn't so crazy,
so he sleeps in his car seat in his stroller for a few
hours in the morning while we play and then
again in the afternoon, but usually I have to hold him for
like 30 minutes and then lay him in his swingfor him
to sleep. We've figured out that he likes support on side
while he sleeps, so sometimes I put him
on his side on the recliner and he'll sleep like that. I've been tempted to bring that
chair upstairs so he'll sleep longer..we'll see.

Scott has spring break after this week, but he got invited to do the Law Review, which is great!
But that means the spring break that I was envisioning isn't going to happen...oh well.
I might try to talk him into leaving at 8 am instead of 7....and maybe
he can hang out with Jax for an hour while I sleep..we'll see.

I have 2 family visits to look forward to in the next
couple of months & I can't wait to see those people!!!
Phone calls are great, but I'm ready to see them.
Avery keeps thinking they're coming the day that I bring it up to her,
she really doesn't have a concept of time..which is a good & bad thing.

And that's a wrap! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good friends, Good times!

I'm so lucky to have a good friend who lives in Nebraska! Who would of thought that we'd both end up in the mid-west just seconds from each other, crazy! We've been getting our kiddos together more often lately, and its been so reassuring to have someone here that knows who I know, I don't know why, but its great!! Katie, you're an awesome friend & I love calling you
in the middle of the morning/day & chatting while our kids chase each other!!

We went to the park last week and fed the HUGE ducks/geese that were walking on the frozen pond. The weather was great, and Ave & Logan had a blast
"throwing" the bread to the ducks..
I say "throwing" because the bread made it about 1 foot
in front of them...haha
Neither of them had any fear of the massive animals heading straight towards them,
or the drop off of the rocks straight into the pond!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Someone has a new found love.
I'm constantly drinking water, & Jax is constantly grabbing the bottles and stinking them in his mouth.
At church on Sunday is when Scott & I noticed it, and when I took it away from him in Relief Society to take a drink, he let me know just how much he was enjoying it!
I'm so surprised that he is already at that stage
where everything instantly goes to his mouth! It's like
a reflex. I guess I forgot that's
what they do for like a year!

2 Peas in a Pod

Aren't my babies so sweet?
I look at them sometimes & can't believe that I carried them, birthed them and are now raising them!
They're amazing & I know that I am so privileged to be their momma.
I love how much they adore each other, I want to soak moments
like this in,
because I know it won't always be this way,
but while it is....
I'll love it.

kisses. 25 cents please.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

4 months!

I don't think I'm ever going to get over how fast you're growing!
You are getting SO chunky.
Your little legs have rolls that are the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Everyone tells us how cute you are & how much you look like your big sister.
We can't get enough of your sweet smiles, every time
I make eye contact with you, or you see me, you smile.
You know how to make a hard day for momma easier just by giving
me that sweet smile!
You love grabbing your feet & holding on to your toes!
You are getting so close to rolling over, but I don't mind that you're taking
your time!
You still won't eat from anything but me, and sometimes that's hard...
Daddy has to bring you to work so I can feed you, that's
how much you hate bottles..
You really won't take your binky either...
If you're being fussy while I'm trying to get ready, I'll have
Avery come and sing you a song and you INSTANTLY
stop crying and just stare adoringly at her...You love her so much & I had no idea she'd
be this much help with you already!!
You weigh 14.15 I said, you're a chunk!
You've started to growl at began in the grocery store
& everyone who heard you had a good laugh. But
I love having you communicate back to me in your own little way.
Sometimes you like to be swaddled & other times,
its like you're being tortured in that blanket, we're still trying to
figure that one out.
You still have to sleep with touching me through most of the night,
so I have HUGE knots in my shoulders from curling around
You turn in complete circles when
you're laying by yourself on your back!
You can kick your little pants off just by kicking your legs back and forth
when your laying on your back...I was really confused at first, but then I saw you
do it! haha
We're so blessed to have you, I can't stop thinking about
how scared I was this time last year that we would lose you...
but luckily we had a good doctor who knew exactly what to do for you!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


the love of cheese definitely comes from my side of the family...but I'm pretty sure none of us have ever eaten half a block from the block itself. Stuff like this happens almost every time I'm feeding Jax....its kind of driving me crazy....I've found little drawings on the walls, rolls of paper towels completely off the roll, the silverware drawer completely empty with all of the silverware in the sink, kitchen towels EVERYWHERE...I could go on and on. The worst offense is when its something from the fridge though, because its usually a big fat mess that I have to clean up...she's also eaten a half of stick of butter, I know...gross.

So, we've invested in a little lock that has become my best friend!!
No more messes for mommy....well at least from the fridge.

Lovers Day

This year, Valentine's Day was different....I had to work, so Scott came home a few hours early and we gave him his presents!
Avery picked out the game that they play EVERY time we go to Target...and Scott secretly tells her to tell me to buy it... and I guess
I needed an excuse to actually get it, and
they play it every night while I'm at work, it has a monkey & Ave loves watching it on the screen...that justifies spending money right?? And Jax and I picked out a cheap guitar because Scott hasn't had one since we've moved here, and I knew he was missing playing.
We also made little Valentine's for Avery's little friends in our neighborhood and walked around and handed them out.
I love watching her interact with her little friends, they're all so cute.
I had Wednesday off, so we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant we just discovered...and it was worth the wait!!

Okay, now for the mushy mushy love stuff.
I'm so lucky to have this man as my valentine!!!!
He's so good to me and works so hard for our family!
I don't know where I'd be without him, he makes me feel so special
& loved everyday! He tells me I'm beautiful
even when I'm un-showered & crazy-haired with baby spit up on me.
He knows exactly what I need
even when I don't know myself.
I'm SO thankful he's mine forever!!!


Lately we've been making fruit smoothies...and the first few times we also had popcorn because we were watching a movie/tv. Well, now every night, Ave begs and begs for ''snoofies'' and popcorn, and because its so cute (and yummy) we usually give in. She also likes having "Avery's blanket"...for some reason since Jax always has one, she needs one and it has to be pink and hers! We've been going through our Office dvd's since we don't have cable anymore, and Avery loves watching it with us....mostly because of the theme song at the beginning and end of the episodes, she gets up and does a little dance every time. Its pretty hilarious seeing her
watch that'd think it would be pretty
boring to a 2 year old. She's such a fun girl, LOVE YOU AVE!

Monday, February 7, 2011

This kid

melts my heart!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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