Thursday, April 28, 2011


it happened.
Baby boy wants remotes, phones, computers... anything electronic!
We've already had to replace my phone because someones slobber
shorted my microphone.
I have to hide it from him now!
My easy, innocent infant is now a full-fledged mischievous baby!

Easter 2011

This Easter was a lot of fun!
It was Jaxy's first Easter, the first Easter that Avery somewhat
understood, and it was our first Easter away from home!
I LOVE teaching Avery about Jesus Christ.
She's such a sponge, and sometimes when she's really
paying attention...she gives me the feeling that she really does know
Him, it's amazing. I'm so lucky to have the
opportunity to teach my children of the Savior.
I feel like its a huge responsibility to have them grow up
in a home where they are taught something about the Gospel everyday
& Easter is a perfect time to teach them.
We watched 'The Testament' & even though it was a little scary
to Avery (there's thunder & lightening), in her little 2 year old
way, she understood that what happened to
Jesus was sad, but there is a happy ending.
She's so smart and insightful.
I feel so blessed to have the knowledge and testimony
of Jesus Christ, and I am so thankful for the Atonement
and the sacrifice He made for us.
And of course, the Easter bunny came to our house
and left easter eggs & a few goodies for them.
We missed the traditional Easter egg hunts with our families,
but got to have one here in our little neighborhood!

Highlights of our Easter:

BEST Easter pics!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

dream come true

Have I mentioned that it's a fight getting ready every single day with this diva?
First, she hates baths....which is weird...since she's loved
those things since day one...but things change I suppose.
Then she says "owie" before I even start combing her hair
(that's karma though...because I'm pretty sure that's why my mom cut my hair like a boy when I was in 1st grade)
Getting dressed is usually easy, she doesn't have an opinion on her clothing yet, just the shoes she's wearing.
But then the biggest fight of all is when Mommy is trying to get ready...Avery HAS to be in the bathroom, and HAS to have a make-up brush in her hand or the world will end. I usually let her, but she's gotten smarter lately and knows that nothing is going onto her face when she wipes the brush on...but I'm not about to let her wear make-up.
So, my solution is the wonderful Children's Museum that we have passes would not believe how long my girl can sit in front of the mirror and put 'make-up' on!
It is like the highlight of going there. And she will sit as still as can be while I paint her little face.
I wonder what kind of teenager she'll be.......

They love....

Getting Easter gifts from Grandma Boyce!
Avery couldn't contain herself as she opened the
packages...and Jax, well he was just happy
to be there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am addicted to this little boy!
Maybe its his sweet smile, kissing his big fat cheeks, smelling his amazing
baby smell, soothing his cries, feeding him
or hearing his contagious little giggle every single day.
How did I get this lucky?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleep Training?

Right now this sweet little babe is upstairs alone in his own bed for like the 2nd time in his life. Last time we tried this, he started screaming the instant he felt my body heat leave his &
I let him cry for about 5 minutes tops...this time he's still sleeping, but its only been about 3 minutes.
His bassinet is in our room, but Jax ends up sleeping with me every night. It started when we went home for Christmas, and we've
gotten in the habit of sleeping like that every night.
So, our nights consist of nursing every hour or two and waking up
in the morning exhausted with sore shoulders & hips.
Tonight starts something new. I've been talking about doing it since
we got home in January, but now that he's 6 months I'm going to do it!
We're going to let him cry it out....Scott will probably have to sit on
me to stop me from getting him..I know after about 10 minutes
I'm going to by dying to get him.
Once we get him able to sleep without snuggling with me all night,
we'll make the transition of moving him into Avery's room.
We're seriously thinking of remodeling our storage room into a
room for Avery, but that won't be for a few months.
K. Now it's been 10 minutes, I'm crossing my fingers this will work!
Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scotty scored us some cheap tickets to Cirque du Soleil!
It was an awesome show that inspired me to become more flexible, I totally
want to be able to balance my body upside down on one hand.
It's probably possible, I'll post a picture once I can. Give me a few weeks.

When the sista comes to town.....

(She'll just love me till I die for putting this picture up.)

It's time to get CRAZY.
There will be:
Uncontrollable laughter, which leads to uncontrollable bladders.
Breakout dancing in inappropriate places.
Long discussions.
SINGING to Reba/Pink/Rap/ Taylor Swift with our amazing voices,
seriously, you would be so jealous if you knew how good we sound.
Cooking, baking & eating WAY too much.
Controlling a sassy little 2 year old.
Having the worst luck possible in 1 day which included
getting stalked & pulled over by a really mean cop...long story!
Staying up reallllllllly late.
Teaching baby Jax new tricks!
Visiting Omaha's finest sites!
Eating out at the same restaurant enough times to be recognized...
Staying in the same sweats for 2 days.
Slapping, spanking, kicking, wrestling
(yeah, we're weird like that)...
Getting ready together like the old days.
K. New countdown begins,
101 days until we're together again!!!

And the most awkward picture(s) award goes to:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's a good thing this baby enjoys to be kissed by us,
cause that's what we do ALL
day long.
His cheeks are so delicious!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last week, Omaha experienced some
weather. So me & the kiddos took a little
stroll in the zoo. What am I going to do when
there's no zoo conveniently down the road?
We took full advantage with our shorts & sandals.


How can so much personality fit into such a small little body?
This girly has us on our toes ALL the time.
She doesn't miss a beat.
But, her bear hugs, kisses on every part of our face
"I love you toooo much mommy" make
up for it!

Holy Moly! How did this happen??

My sweet little boy is half a year old!
We can't believe how fast this is going, we just want him to stay little and sweet!

We just got him to sit up like this on his own in the past couple of days, and he's getting so good at it!
Jax LOVES remotes, phones, the computer...pretty much everything that mommy has.
We had to replace my phone because his slobbery little self broke the microphone!
He loves to be held, especially if you're standing up and bouncing, its his favorite!
He just started saying, dadadadadadadad and making all sorts of new
He ADORES his big sister & loves watching other little kiddos too.
Jax still sleeps with me every night, we gotta get him out of this habit...
except I kinda love it.
He also is still nursing like a champ! I'm pretty proud
of myself for keeping him alive on my producing milk alone, I
met my goal of 6 months, and we're still going strong! YAY!
We haven't started him on anything else, I've decided
to wait until he isn't satisfied with nursing'll probably happen pretty soon.
Jax is the sweetest baby, he smiles & flirts with anyone who'll pay
attention to him.
His eyes are still SO blue. Crossing my fingers that they stay!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

They better be back in at least 3 months...or else.

"Nana & Pepe" or
"Cram-ma & Cram-pa"
(take your pick)
came to visit us last week!

They ended up getting here a day later then expected due
to 'wind & dust', but luckily my babies are still too young to know the difference.
I was a little afraid that Avery would have a melt down since I
had been talking it up all day:
"Avery, no fits, Nana & Pepe will be here today"
"Avery, you better be nice in the store, Nana & Pepe are coming today"
"Avery, you need to take a nap so you're a happy girl when Nana & Pepe
get here tonight"
"8 more hours, 3 more hours.... until Nana & Pepe are here!"
You get the idea.
I wonder when miss Avery will have a concept of time, not that
I want it to happen anytime soon! :)
We went to Winter's Quarters, the Zoo, Cheesecake Factory
and hung out for 6 days, it was awesome!
I'm still waiting on pics that my mom took with her camera,
she was always prepared for a photo shoot!
I made sure that they knew I am expecting another visit soon,
that pretty much goes for every member of my family.
They too should be able to enjoy the hot, humid, cricket, mosquito infested
mid-west summer that I will be experiencing again in a few
short months!

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