Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day 2012

This year we had an awesome 4th of July! The kids were so excited
to go to the parade..Avery even remembered details from last year, her memory is crazy!
It's in the cutest little neighborhood, and the floats are homemade. We went with
a couple of other family friends, it was so fun!
After the parade, we went out to eat and took the kids home for naps.
Scott was a little sweetheart and took me to the mall after they woke up, the sales were worth it!
We had a BBQ for dinner with friends, and of course I brought my camera and didn't
take any pictures, but the food was so yummy and we always
love hanging out with them. We saw a few fireworks as we 
drove home, but 10pm is way too late for these kiddos..maybe next year.
We're so blessed to live in this country and celebrate our freedoms!

Monday, July 2, 2012

movie night

A few nights ago, Avery was begging to watch a movie after dinner. Usually we go
outside and play to burn some energy before bedtime, but it was over 100 degrees outside,
so we opted for a movie night. 
Poor Jax and his pink blankets...half of his life he's 
been in pink blankets! Oh well. 
After spilling popcorn 50+ times these two little
buddies actually watched the whole movie! 
We love you crazies!

Just so excited to stay up and have a movie night with popcorn!

These pictures crack me up...our little burrito babies. They look so small!

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