Friday, May 31, 2013

Scott's Law School Graduation!

We can't believe that we are here! We made it! Scott graduated on May 17th. My parents, Scott's parents and his brother Taylor and Brittney and Derek and Dallace all came to help us move and celebrate. It was a CRAZY week with 4 kids running around while we tried to pack up our house, but we are so thankful that everyone came to support us. 
We are SOOOO proud of you Scott!!!

Ok, sadly these are the best pictures we have of all of us,
but we are just going to say this is how kids get
when they sit in a two hour long graduation without being able to move.
We are glad they did as well as they did....let's all just laugh at these because they are pretty crazy. 

This is probably the best one.
She's saying, "We're SO excited that daddy is DONE with school!!!"

Friday, May 3, 2013

Then & Now

We are getting ready to finish a huge milestone in our life in the next couple of weeks. Scott 
is graduating from law school! I can't even say that without getting huge butterflies in my stomach.
I have realized in these past 3 years, that I am not good with change! But we are really
excited for this next phase in life. We have all grown and changed, and have hopefully learned a lot in these past few years! 

When we moved to Omaha, this girl wasn't even two years old yet! She still had a binky, bottle, slept in a crib and was my little baby. She has grown up SO much! She's going to be 5 this year and I'm in major denial about that. It's crazy to think that she was ever that little. Avery has definitely been my little buddy since living here. I hate doing things by myself, and the first few months of living somewhere new with a husband who was always gone, I felt alone a lot, and Avery helped me not be so lonely and doesn't even know it! She went from being an only child to now being a big sister of almost 2 little brothers! And she's such a good big sister. She's made so many little friends here and I know she will be missed when we are gone, and she'll be missing her cute little friends too. I feel like this is home to her and she'll probably be asking me to go back to Omaha a lot once we're gone!


This boy came into our lives at the perfect time! It was so overwhelming having a second baby, moving so far away and Scott starting something that was so time consuming, but Jax fit right in. It's so funny to me that we moved here while I was massively pregnant and we will be moving away while I'm again, massively pregnant! It is bringing a lot of memories back! This has been the only home Jax has ever known, and as I've started taking things off of the walls and packing, he has noticed and has gotten really upset every time he sees me do it. I was taking our kitchen shelf down a few days ago, and he threw the biggest fit over it, I guess he's not so good with change either! :) Jax is Avery's little shadow and it's been that way for so long. He is really going to miss it here. There's so much to do that he LOVES! His favorites are probably the zoo and the children's museum. We will probably all miss being able to drive 3 minutes down the road to those places! But Jax definitely will the most. He is going to have to adjust to a lot of changes in these next several weeks, I hope that he can adapt to the roll of being a big brother instead of our baby, because we all still treat him like that! Jax's little personality is so funny, he loves to make us laugh, we love him!

Well, when we moved here I had a horrible time adjusting. I thought we had made a mistake, tried to talk Scott into transferring to a different school, was awkward at making new friends, I was a mess. But as time went on, it became very clear that our prayers were answered and we were supposed to be here. Now I tear up every time I think about leaving my house and my really good friends!!! I've learned to be more guarded and careful of who I am friends with, and at the same time have learned to have such an open mind to service and new friendships. It's been a huge learning experience for sure. Scott and I have become more dependent on each other then ever before, and I really have learned to appreciate our time together. We have grown into our own little family, and have made this our home and I am really sad to leave. But I am so excited to move on and start a new adventure, I'm SO ready to have this baby, or at least not be pregnant anymore. It's been so much harder this time, mostly because I can't keep up my energy level with my two kiddos like I'm used to and I feel guilty about that. But soon, this baby will be here and we'll adjust all over again!

This man is amazing! I knew that before we came out here, but he has proven it a million times over.
Scott has had so much pressure put on his shoulders these past few years, and yet he has never let me stress out about anything. He has somehow worked and gone to school, studied and 
has been a present dad and husband while balancing it all. I have called him at my wits end on more then one occasion, and he has dropped everything and come home every time. He has always 
provided us with everything we need and has put our needs
above his own countless times. 
He always puts his family first, and our kids are so in love with him. We are so proud of you!!

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