Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seriously? Could he BE any cuter? (said like chandler on friends...scott will appreciate that)

Reasons why Jax is the cutest baby {boy} I've ever seen:
1. Those eyes. Big. Blue. Long lashes. They shine.
2. The cheeks. I kiss them over and over all day, it never gets old!
3. His hair! He has hair now!
4. The rolls. You know the kind. They take over what should be wrists & ankles. Food & other things get stuck in them. So happy that my babe is a chunk!
5. The slobbery lips that give me kisses all day.
6. The overalls, OH MY WORD. This kid can rock the overalls.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What makes a teething bubba happy?

Watching daddy play his guitar!

After hours and hours of whining for the past 4 days/nights....
Jax got his first tooth! And now the 2nd one is on its way to bring us all more joy!
But moments where he is smiling like this at his daddy
make it all better for the tired mama.

Uh...twins right?!

We thought that maybe he'd like his binkie now that he wants to
chew on everything but....

he still spits it out as soon as he realizes what's in his mouth!

Teething, you suck.

A date night with my fellas

First we dropped off the 'crazy' aka Avery Boyce.
(Thanks Amanda!)

Then we went to the yummy Olive Garden,
where Jax insisted on sitting on the table & eating our lemons from our water
and all of our breadsticks.
Look how cute my boys are.

It's hilarious how much he puckers & smacks his lips while
eating them, but still does.

Then we got smart & put him in a high chair for the first time,
what a big boy!

My love!

The end.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don’t let these first pictures fool you...

This week has been hard. Hard for Avery. Hard for the mama. Avery woke up Monday morning acting like she didn’t feel the best and it just got worse throughout the day until finally with a high fever, we took her to the pediatric ER. She has herpingina…never heard of it? Me either. Apparently it’s a common childhood virus that causes blisters in her throat & fevers. We’ve had some sleepless nights & lots of cuddle time. So this week we’ve been lazing around trying our hardest to keep her comfortable and happy. She has her couple of good hours in the day...that’s when I try to take advantage & get us outside for some fresh air & play time, but it only lasts a little while. Thank goodness for Dora on Netflix! That has been my life saver.

This is much more accurate proof of our week…

Mama! Put that camera down & come get me…..

Okay…I’ll come get you.

Gotta get up there…

I’ll grab that…

Almost there...

Ahhh…I made it.

I even get a smooch..

Yeah…she loves me.

Oh yes, I do!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Life Lately..

This girl has got some sass, she's constantly making us crazy! But she also knows how to be the sweetest girl & makes us laugh all the time. When she talks, she sounds like a 5 year old...I can't believe how well she speaks in sentences now! She's really into making up silly songs & stories to be funny, she has the best sense of humor! But we've known that since she was a babe, its just fun to listen to her sometimes. She LOVES nursery/church. She's OBSESSED with swimming outside, if I let her do it all day everyday, rain or shine, she would. She recognizes emotions in shows & books, so she'll be happy if they are happy or she'll act like she's sad and say..."Oh, he/she's so sad". She adds the letter L to if I say Jax has an owie she'll say.."Oh Jax, I make you all beddler (better)".

He is changing on a daily basis, I swear! He went from being
so content just laying on the ground, to crawling/pulling himself up to standing on the furniture in like a week. He still loves to be sitting on my lap & being held though, so
I get to have my cuddle time with him often. He adores Avery,
she's gotta be his favorite person & she can make him laugh all the time.
He's sleeping at night time in his bed for about 5 hours most nights and then is
up every couple of hours...still working on that!
He will eat baby food!! It's a MIRACLE!! He also loves graham crackers, puffs & bananas.

The Parentals...
We are counting down the days to Scott being officially out of school for the summer!
He'll be done in a couple of weeks & then we are going to
do something, we're not sure what, but some sort of escaping Omaha will happen!
Scott likes his job, he likes his paychecks better.
I am still on track with my goals of getting fit this year! Scott
has lost so much weight, none of his pants or church shirts fit him.
And my pants fell down to my ankles in the Costco parking lot a couple
of weeks embarrassing!
I've been saying we're going to do a wardrobe make-over one of these days...
I get to go to Washington with the kids in July/August for a few weeks,
and am looking forward to having extra hands with my babes!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 months!

I can’t believe how fast these months keep going by. I can’t believe it’s already hot outside again, reminding me of those miserable hot months I spent bigger than a house being pregnant with Jax. I can’t believe that my little bebe is crawling all over the place, trying to stand up in his crib, crawling up to me, climbing up on me trying so hard to snuggle with me. I've wanted to freeze time with just about every moment I think of how much I’m loving the stage he’s in…. I love every stage that baby boy has been in! I can’t believe I was ever scared to have a son, I never thought a little boy could be so sweet & melt my heart every time I look into his big blue eyes! I can’t believe how mushy & teary eyed I get when I think of how much I adore him & how lucky I am that he grew inside my belly so perfect in every way. I can’t believe I’m already able to kiss his boo-boos after he’s fallen down onto something. How is he old enough to need kisses to make it all better already? I can't believe I caught him in the bathroom unrolling & eating all of the toilet paper & that I'm already telling him 'no, no, no!' to keep out of eating food off the kitchen floor that Avery's dropped, or staying off Scott's XBOX or from sucking on the phone charger/computer cord/my phone/ect. I keep complaining to Scott that I need sleep, one night’s rest to rejuvenate me. Just one night of Scott taking him so I don’t have to interrupt my sleep to soothe & comfort him back to sleep. Every time I’ve had an opportunity to take that chance turns into me not being able to because I’m his momma & I know exactly what he needs! How am I already trying to get him to say mama because he jabbers all day saying ‘’dadadada yayayayay”? How did his voice become so cute?? I can’t believe it’s been exactly 8 months since I got to meet that sweet little face & fall so deeply in love with a miniature Scott. We are truly blessed to have such a sweet spirit in our home! WE LOVE YOU JAXY!

We just love visitors!

My grandparents were able to make a short visit on their

trip across the country! We packed in as much as we could

possibly do in one day & survived the 95 degree weather!

We loved having them here!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our weekend in pics..

hours of swimming..

a little DQ goodness..

& just a bit of Target enjoying..

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