Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

This year Easter was pretty low key, which was so nice! We have 9am church,
and luckily our kids don't know the difference, so the Easter Bunny made his debut during
quiet time/nap time. I love that you can make a kid happy with a $1 coloring book! 
The kids had an Easter egg hunt down at our big playground in our townhouse complex. 
It was rainy and cold, and Avery was in a horrible mood, but what can you do?
She actually ended up finding the prize egg, which was hilarious because it took
me basically shoving her into the field to look for eggs! 
I think Jax got more than she did. 
We made a yummy Easter dinner on Sunday and just lazed around and played with the kids.

Crazy girl! We remembered we forgot to give Avery this game for Christmas...perfect!

Here's Jax more interested in the balloon then anything else.

We didn't have 2 baskets...so Avery got to pick between a plastic bag or 
the pumpkin from Halloween..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

18 months!

This little man is growing up so fast we can't stand it!
He's keeping up with Avery and keeping up on our toes.
Scott is in nursery with him, so he's got no problem going, and he's a lot like Avery
was..instead of getting in the middle of playing, he hangs back and observes the craziness.
He is OBSESSED with his bottles. It went from 16 months of absolutely refusing to take
them, to loving them. I can't unload the dishwasher and put them away without him begging for one!
Usually he just gets them at bedtime, but sometimes it's all I can do to comfort him.
He's into his nightly routine of brushing teeth, reading books, saying prayers, getting lavander
oil on his feet and getting his baba. He lifts his feet in the air for his oil when it's time to get into bed,
so cute. He can basically just say: mama, dada and baba. He understands
everything we say to him though! He's a smart booger...just not interested in 
talking yet, which is hard sometimes, but we communicate in our own special way.
I can usually figure out what's going on! Or Avery can..
We love him so much and he just keeps getting cuter to us!

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