Wednesday, May 27, 2009


my sister informed me a while ago that
i had never blogged about her...
here's an ENTIRE blog
dedicated to you,
rachey baby.

she's  the goofiest aunt

a beautiful aunt

a smiley aunt

my partner in crime

and my BEST friend. 
well besides the hubby

we love you!


this past weekend we got to go to seattle again with the boyce family..
we did so much and had a blast!
plus we got to hang out with scott's bro and his family..

avery being so good in her stroller all day!

the whole fam at EMP

momma and daddy

scott and chet entertained us wives with a little puppet show

chrissy and baby

even avery got to rock climb!

all the brave people rock climbing at REI... finger decided to swell up, it was crazy! my wedding ring still doesn't fit!

hanging out at gasworks park!

Friday, May 1, 2009

My name is Avery. 
I'm 7 months old and I like to:

Splash in my baths, sometimes I even poop in them!

I love eating, especially at 4 in the morning.

I crawl and climb on EVERYTHING. Sometimes I even get stuck and I scream for help!

I fit into 12 month old clothing...better cut back on all those
 sweet potatoes. yum!

I like taking naps anywhere BUT my crib.

I give big, slobery kisses to those I love best.

I laugh at things that I think are really funny...mostly my daddy.

I put everything in my mouth.

I'm getting smarter and smarter everyday..thanks to the Baby Einstein dvd's!

Oh yeah, and I have a pretty cool mommy and daddy.

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