Friday, January 20, 2012

A few things....

Since last year, January has been kind of a down month for us....we get used to having Scott around more than 2 hours a day while he's on break and then 3 short weeks later, he's back to business and never here. On the bright side, we are half way done with Law School...that feels awesome to say! We've had really good weather here until the week after we got it's freezing and we're stuck staying inside. So, we play A LOT of games, do 'arts & crafts'...(for some reason, if I say that instead of asking Ave if she wants to color, it's WAY more exciting), go to the Children's Museum, read books, build forts, watch tv and spend way too much time on blogs and pintrest while the kiddos play. 

Jax has been teething, and I don't care that our pediatrician says teething doesn't cause fevers...for both of our kids, it has! And then once that stubborn tooth pokes through, the fever breaks. It can't be a coincidence now that it's happened with both of them. When he doesn't feel good, he is inconsolable. Especially since I weaned him a few weeks ago. I have the hardest time trying to comfort him..he doesn't want to be held, but he doesn't want to be left alone we lay on the floor and cry together for hours, while I rub his back and try to distract him.. it's great! I feel so bad that I haven't found something else that works, so for now we're doing what we have to do to survive. He is sleeping so much better now! He's back to our room, but it's working since he's sleeping through the night. I don't know how people have toddlers and babies in the same room, it did not work for us very well...but we're hoping that if this streak lasts, we can move him back in there with Avery.

Avery started dance class back up and LOVES it! At the end of class, their teacher has them stand in a hula hoop and shout, "I'm wonderful!" and then they get a treat, it's so funny to hear 3 year old's try to say 'wonderful'. She got a game for Christmas and we probably play it 2-3 times a day....she gets to dress up and wear jewelry. It's a good way to teach her to take turns and count, so I'm okay that we play it over and over. She loves playing with her little friends! Our kitchen has a slider door that faces the parking lot, she watches for when her friends get home and immediately puts her shoes on to go play, we'll definitely miss that perk when we move. Avery is SO into babies. A few friends have recently had babies, or just have babies and she is obsessed, she has the high pitched baby voice down, it's so cute!

Apparently Jax played pretty hard and couldn't finish his lunch before
conking out! 

Those lips keep getting more and more pouty..I love it!

My pretty princess!

We had a PJ day and built block 'castles'...seriously, who wouldn't want
to do this 24/7?!

I can't look at this picture without cracking up....had to share it!

The mess that we like to call home...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

Here are a ton of pictures from our Christmas break!
We went to Washington for Christmas this year, and I was seriously counting down the days for months!
I still can't believe we're already back from our 3 week vacation! 
We got to spend tons of time with family, Scott's brother Chet was able to come,
we had not seen him since Avery was Jax's age 2 years ago!
Avery loved playing with her favorite cousin, Dallace. Those two girls
act like they have never been apart, they're so funny together!
I got to love on baby Derek as much as I wanted, that kid is soooooooo sweet.
Jax and Derek are almost the same size! And Derek is 8 months younger!!
We just kept thinking how loud and crazy it's going to be when our boys are 
running around screaming along with the girls.
I got to see Audra and her kids twice! And we attempted taking all four 
out to dinner...we survived. It's so fun having our kids play together!
Scott and I also got to sneak in a few dates, which was what I was most looking forward to.
And my sister got engaged!! So we did as much wedding preparation
as possible. I really wanted to be there when she picked out her dress, and 
I'm so happy I was!!
It was such a fun trip, and now I get to go back in 3 short months for Rachel's wedding.YAY!

The love birds.

Cousins! Derek- 5 months, Avery-3, Dallace-2, Jax-14 months

The boys!

The girls! Malia- 5, Avery-3, Dallace-2

Christmas Party! My Grandma throws the best parties, and she went
all out and made the BEST food this year! And BINGO was awesome!

Great-Grandma Beus (the party planner) & Ave

This boy is SOOO cute!

Avery & Dallace loving on Great-Grandpa Beus

The girls waiting on Santa!


This girl asked Santa for a phone this year....a phone?! I thought we had 
at least 10 years before that happened! :)

Our little family on
Christmas Day!!

Rachey & Ave

Audra & I

Eryn, Avery & Louis coloring during dinner

This cracks me up!

Grandpa Boyce & Jax

Rach, Grandpa Watson & I
We LOVE him!

Great- Grandpa Watson & Avery

Great-Grandma Watson & Jax

What a cute smile, Dallace!!

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