Friday, June 29, 2012


This boy would eat all day if I let him.
He LOVES food.
He especially loves my protein shakes....I have to fight to eat my own, so now
I just make him a little one so he can eat it right along with me.
Glad you enjoy it Jax! 
Love you bubba.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

good morning cuddles

In the mornings, I let the kids sit in their pj's and watch some Netflix while 
I check my e-mail, new assignments, blogs, facebook, ect. 
Usually Jax just runs around making chaos, but lately he's 
been into cuddling with Avery & watching the show right along with her.
And after some fighting, with Avery saying, "Mommy my baby broffer won't get off me!"... she gives in and lets him lay on her...sooooo cute. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

The little artist

As you can probably tell, Ave was very proud of her drawing.
This was the first time she tried to name her drawing by writing their name. I'm not sure who it's supposed to be of, but she's getting
so good at writing letters all on her own!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Florida Vacation 2012

 We just got back from going to Florida to visit 
Scott's brother's family. They are stationed in Pace while Chet does flight school, so we haven't gotten to see them over the past 2 years.
It was our first time seeing white sand and warm ocean water, and the kids loved it! 

First time seeing the ocean!

She didn't quite understand that the water was going to taste yucky...

Avery loves her uncle Chet..mostly because he carried her whenever she wanted!

We went to an alligator farm in Alabama! It was crazy to see this guy out there with all of the 
huge, hissing alligators. If they got close to him, he'd just shove his stick in one of their eyes
and act like nothing was going to happen..crazy!

This girl has NO fear. She held a baby alligator like it was a puppy!

I couldn't touch it for more than a gross!

Still absolutely no fear...even with a boa constrictor! 

Avery & Victor

Chrissy and I!

Walking through the swamp and feeding the alligators...there's over 800 alligators there.

 We drove down to the military base and walked through a really cool Aviation museum.
The kids loved it!

Scott & Chet are BFF's...these guys talk more than my own sister and cute! haha
They planned out our whole vacation. 

While we were there, our niece Ashley graduated High School! Avery
got sick the night before and was up all night, so we stayed home and missed it, but we're
so proud of Ashley! She's the first person in her mom's family to graduate High School,
what a great accomplishment!

Jax being crazy...

Pensacola Beach! It was so fun playing in the sand with the kids. This was our 
last day at the beach and Jax was finally loving the water. 
Avery loved digging and building sandcastles. It was so relaxing hanging 
out on the beach!

Tell Jax to ''smile big'' and this is what you cute!

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