Monday, October 15, 2012


Jax turned 2 years old on October 8th!
On his actual birthday, Scott had to be gone until late, so the kiddos
and I did some of Jax's favorite things. 
We had gotten some doughnuts, and Jax wanted that for breakfast.
And then later we went to a puppy store and played with a puppy that Jax picked out,
and then went to Costco for dinner.
 Jax loves pizza and smoothies from Costco! 

On his birthday, I wanted to capture him
and his little personality...whenever he sees the camera, he makes the silliest faces.

Then a few days later, we had birthday cake and opened presents with Scott.

Jax is starting to pick up on some words, and it makes us so excited when he
decides to talk! He completely understands what we are saying
 to him and is able to follow directions, but he's perfectly content without saying much.
He tries to say things and it's usually not understandable, but he's recently started saying a ton
of words.
The words he knows, so far are,
mama, dada, baba, plane, nana(bannana), choo-choo-, bye,
hi, baseball, ball, more, done, spoon, no, baby.

We can't imagine our lives without this sweet boy.
Happy 2nd Birthday!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Day!

Avery is in Pre-School this year, and is loving it. I was a little worried that she'd have some separation issues when I dropped her off the first time, especially because we missed the orientation..but she saw her little friends and almost forgot to hug me goodbye! I did not cry right along with Jax as we drove away.... 

Little man thought we would be going right on in with her....

So mad he had to come home with me and leave Avery!

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