Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do you see them?

You can barely see them...but they're there!
Jax FINALLY cut his two top teeth.
This has been going on for weeks! He's been so whiny and miserable, especially these last couple of days.
If the rest of his teething experience is going to be as fun as its been so far,
we may be in some trouble.
He sleeps horribly and nothing makes him happy,
which makes for some really looooong days, poor little guy.
He's happy now though!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sleepy baby

I just can't get over that Jax fell asleep in his jumper! I was upstairs folding laundry and trying to get dressed and he must have just jumped until
he had no more energy to.
His poor little neck must have been so sore from holding his head like that, but I had to capture the sweet moment. Jax rarely falls asleep on his own.
I think this is the second time in his life! He must be so spoiled, huh?!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Avery got to go to her first dress up party last week!
I could tell she felt so pretty and special while she was getting her hair done
& putting her dress and jewelry on, she's so sweet!
She also got to pick out her friend's birthday present, and that took
FOREVER. I finally had to give her a choice between two things to be able to leave the store!
All of the little girls looked so dang cute all dressed up!


How many times does it take to get an excited 2 year old to pose nicely??
This is just a few......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Messy lil' man

This is Jax's first real, big mess. We were relaxing on Sunday after the feast we made....when little did we know, Jax crawled into the kitchen and pulled the pitcher of
GRAPE JUICE off the kitchen table onto the floor! He was pretty proud of himself until we started to clean it up!

What did I do??

Nana Boyce Visits!

Before we went to Washington, Nana Boyce flew out to see us & to help me fly with the kids back home. We tried to cram as much as we possibly could into the short weekend she was here!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Washington Trip Summer 2011

The kiddos and I just got back from our summer trip to Washington! We got to spend 3 weeks with everyone we miss so much. The highlight for me was seeing Avery & Jax play with all of their cousins, uncles, aunts & grandparents, we're so blessed to have so many people who love our kids just as much as we do!

Avery & Dallace played/giggled/fought/made-up/tickled/ran...ect.
the whole time, it was so fun watching them interact!
Jax was obsessed with Derek...he'd make this high pitched squeal every time he saw him!
We can't wait until they are running around causing mischief too....or maybe we can.

We can't wait to see everyone again!!

Dallace- 2, Derek- 7 weeks (ish), Jax- 10 months, Avery -2

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nobody likes you when you're that song.

I turned 23 this year! I got to spend my
birthday with everyone I love so much at home.
Then I got to come home and go out with some awesome friends
in Omaha.
Next year, I definitely won't fly home alone with 2 little ones on it...I learned my lesson!
But going out and celebrating with my friends, family and sweet hubby made up for it.
Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 8, 2011

10 months

I crawl & pull myself up on everything possible.
I make BIG, FAT messes.
I still LOVE my mommy the mostest.
My hair is finally growing back.
I think my big sister is the funniest person.
I fall asleep best in my daddy's arms.
I get excited and squeal when I see other babies & puppies.
I still hate bottles.
I tolerate sippy cups but don't drink enough to keep me full.
I hate formula.
I love taking baths with Avery.
I love emptying toy baskets, diaper bags, throwing stuff off the couch and coffee table.
I make the funniest expressions.
I grunt/growl.
I'm still learning to sleep through the night.
I crawl as fast as I can to get up the stairs without getting caught.
I love outlets.
I put everything in my mouth.
I love real food & hate baby food.
I HATE getting dressed.
I'm easy to take shopping.
I still have the bluest eyes ever.
I have the most kissable cheeks...people can't help but kiss them.

WE LOVE YOU JAX! We can't believe you're already 10 months old!
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