Sunday, May 6, 2012

First swim of 2012!

There is nothing cuter then this little guy right here in his
swim getup! Well, his sister is pretty cute too!
 His hat is a wee bit too small....but hey, I wasn't expecting 90 degree 
weather in April/May! We had to run and get the kiddos a swimming pool because 
it is so miserable if you are outside in the heat & humidity and not in water.
We'll definitely get our moneys worth!
Avery loves it...Jax is gonna have to learn to. He'd rather sit on my lap
or roam around the grass then get into that pool. He's lucky he's got 4 months
to get used to it, or it's gonna be a long summer for that little man!

Avery's faces...she's either running from the camera or making silly faces, gotta love her!

Hi bubba!

I'm so glad I got the sequence of torture....Here's where it gets hilarious!

Poor kid! I can't help but laugh....his daddy wasn't giving up!

Avery on the other hand would live in this thing if I let her!

Avery's Dance Recital

Avery has been in dance class this year, and has loved every minute of it!
Her class was on Thursdays, so every other day of the week all I would hear is,
"Mom is today dance class day??" And now that it's over, her little heart is broken!
I haven't stayed at her practices because it was way too distracting for me to be there...
so at the recital I really didn't know what to expect.
She was so funny! The curtains opened and she just stared awestruck at 
the audience. It took her a few minutes to realize that the music was
on and she needed to be dancing. 
But she stayed up there and eventually did some of the steps. 
Her teacher was so awesome
with all of the girls and Avery really loves her.
This summer is going to be hard coming up with things to do..she's so ready for something to look 
forward to every day. She'll definitely be doing dance class again in the fall!

These little girls crack me up...

At the end of every class, the girls stand in a hoola hoop and yell,
"I'm wonderful!" So this is Avery with her teacher, Miss Chalise doing that at the end of the recital.

You can't even tell I put a little bit of make-up on her, but she wanted a picture showing it off!

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