Monday, March 15, 2010


let's see......we've caught her coloring or trying to color on the:
carpet, herself, the entryway tile, the walls, the coffee table, her tongue, the gate, the high chair, the tv, shoes, the vents, the closet doors, the desk, toys....
hmmmmm am i missing something????
i'll admit i'm a bit distracted with homework and mid-terms right now....but
i swear i watch my child. she's just quicker than me i guess.

Family Pics

Courtesy of Bella Imagen Photography
We LOVED having our family pics taken by
Phillip Warnick!
He was fun, professional and best of all patient with the crazy toddler of ours.
Go HERE to check out his work!

all i need is my
binkie and my monkey
to go night-night.

17 months
march 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Someone learned how to take off
of her clothes.
But she still likes her tu-tu.
And luckily
this time she left the diaper on.
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