Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Boy
Pics & Update

(sorry for the poor quality....we don't have a scanner)

The past week has been interesting.
We were in the hospital on Saturday because
I wasn't feeling the baby move after doing everything possible to make him move.
So we were there for a few hours being monitored, and his heart beat was good, so they sent us home. My amniotic fluid level has been high during this pregnancy,
so I've been having weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests.
Today during my doctor appointment, we decided that it would be best to
deliver the baby earlier than we have been planning.
There's a lot of risks to the baby with the amount of
fluid I have, and because of his decrease in movement we will
be having an amniocentesis to see if his lungs are developed enough next Friday (10/8).
If his lungs are good to go, then we will stay at the hospital and deliver him.
If they aren't, then we'll wait a week and do it again.
Wish us luck!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

At the Aquarium

Avery LOVES to count
everything. She was amazed at all
of the fishies and animals swimming around.
We'll definitely be getting a Zoo pass after
watching how much fun she had.
The zoo is about a mile away,
so when I'm feeling really ambitious we'll probably just
walk there!

35 weeks
and ready to
(too bad I've got 4 weeks left....)

Avery loves to kiss and grab my

Still measuring big, about 2 weeks bigger.
Thought my water broke last week at Costco, it was pretty overwhelming/intense,
but I just leaked some fluid.
My fluid levels have been high, so I'm getting weekly ultrasounds
and non-stress tests.
Baby boy loves my right side, he'll ball up on that side and make my belly
look disgusting.
We've either felt little legs or arms many times.
He gets the hiccups a lot.
I've had to monitor his movement a lot more strictly because
of the excessive fluid I have, so I'm constantly paranoid.
We had an ultrasound where the tech was able to show us all
of his hair! Looks like he'll be a hairy monkey like Avery was.
I start the weekly 'checking' this week, so I know it's coming fast!
Our scheduled induction date is 10/19/10, 30 days away!!

Learning her

All day long, Avery sings her
ABC's and points them out when she sees letters.
We're really impressed by how fast she's learning them,
she's such a sponge!

These are the letters she can pick up and recognize, so far. I'm
trying to teach her the letters in her name.

We can't play scrabble anymore when she's around,
because she thinks they're her ABC's to play with!

This is her saying "G", one of her favorite letters.
Avery turned 2!

We can't believe how fast the past 2 years have flown by! Avery has brought so much l-o-v-e into our lives, I feel like I've known her forever.
We went to the Zoo, (which is a literally 2 minute drive from our house, so nice!)
Then we came home, took a nap and after
Avery told us she REALLY wanted to go to
Olive Garden
for dinner.....so we
just had to take her there.
She loves Chuck-E-Cheese, so we went and played the same game
over and over..
And then we came home and Skyped with our families
and opened presents and ate her
Curious George cake.
What a lucky 2 year old huh?!
Happy Birthday Avery!
We love you!!!

Trying to count the penguins, there were a million just standing there staring at us.

The zoo had a petting zoo, so cute! Avery loved feeding and petting
the goats and chickens!

Baby gorilla, SO CUTE.

"ELEPHANT" That's what we heard allll day. And it was at the
top of a VERY steep hill, so we saved it for last.

First time riding a carousel.

What a smart girl, eating soup with a spoon was too hard, so she slurped it
with a straw!

SO EXCITED for her George cake!!

The best present was her bicycle! She's been jealously watching
all the neighbor kids out the window, now she has her own!!

She knew exactly what to do!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

.Five Guys.

fresh fries. fresh burgers cooked right
in front of you.
only pregnancy craving so far, for both me & Scott....

We're not going to
how many times we've eaten here in the
5 weeks
that we've lived in Omaha....

Let's just say it really is

Plus we like looking at all of the
peeps we get to dine with.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Baby Boy (no name yet).....

You've got 39 days until we are forcing you out. If you'd like to come earlier then that, I won't mind (Grandma and Daddy will, but I won't). Also, I love chubby babies, but not 10lbs plus. So let's prove the Doc wrong and keep it below 9lb. Okay?


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