Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Grandpa Beus taking us on a traditional
tour of the farm.

Scott & Avery riding horses for the
1st time together.
Scott was a little scared, Avery
wanted more!

Visiting the Great-Grandparents

Avery & Malia

Saturday, May 22, 2010

my name is avery

and i love


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did you know???

Avery is
20 months old

We can't believe how fast she's growing up,
and how she's her own little person now.
We love it!

Some fun things about Avery
that we don't want to forget:

She loves to push her pudgy little fingers into my belly....
she doesn't quite get to be 'soft' yet.

She started folding her arms during prayer,
but now does it when she's upset.
It's funny.

She LOVES books. She loves to be read to
and loves reading them herself.

She gives my belly kisses, and
points and says 'baby'.

She's OBSESSED with sweeping,
and she's a real woman,
she can multi-task.

She's also obsessed with my wallet
and lining up my cards on the TV.

She's great at making goofy faces to
make us laugh.

She also loves climbing her
30 lbs
body on my belly to give me great big loves.

She loves to color, and takes it very seriously.
She's been singing to herself lately, but stops if she sees you looking at her.
She can make tons of animal noises, it seems like she learns a new one
She usually loves nap time and bed time. If she hears the microwave go off,
she says, "BA BA" (bottle) and runs to her room.
She loves when daddy comes home.
She screams "SCOTT", I think she got this from me.....
She loves her Na-Na's. She knows where we're going when we turn on to
grandma's road.
She loves looking out the windows and looking at birds, but she gets really mad
when they fly away.
Every time there's a random noise, dryer buzzing, noisy neighbors, ect.
She'll stop whatever she's doing and say " What's that??"
We're finally getting out of the stage of sticking every thing into her mouth.
She lets us know when she's poopy.
She loves apples.
She loves dipping food into sauces.
She loves to make us laugh.
She rolls her eyes.
She LOVES nursery, she's never noticed when we've left her.
She sees pictures of herself and says "Me!"
She loves looking at herself in mirrors, she
knows she's cute.
She has a great memory, there's a new tradition we have to do when
we leave Scott's parents, and she makes us do it every time!
She gets into the pantry and brings me cans of food, one at a time. But after a few I make
her put them back, and she's pretty good at doing that too.
She's such a sponge, she repeats almost every 1 syllable word,
today in the car Scott said "Oh wow." And about 2 seconds later, she said it.
She can either wake up really happy or really grumpy
from her naps, even if she's slept the same amount of time, I
never know how its going to be.
She LOVES Elmo and Curious George. She'll bring the
remote to me and say "Elmo" or "George!"
She acts like she's talking on the phone.
Every dark haired girl we see, she thinks is my sister, and FREAKS out
when we don't stop to say hi.
She's OBSESSED with '' A-RA" (my sister), we've had to either call
her or Skype, just to satisfy Avery's craving, it's CRAZY.
She 'helps' me with laundry.
She loves giving kisses, and has to kiss both cheeks, your forehead, your nose and your lips, by the end, you're soaking wet, but we love it.

There's so many cute things that Avery does that I want to be able to look
back and remember.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Graduation Day!
May 14, 2010

We're so proud of you babe!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is what happens when
mommy & daddy
aren't paying attention to me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Family Vacation
Seattle, WA

We got to go on a family-vaca to celebrate
Scott's graduation!!!
Luckily it also fell on
Mommy's Day,
so Scott & Avery spoiled me rotten...

We scored an AMAZING, shnazzy hotel in
DOWNTOWN seattle.

We went to the:
Pike's Market
Cheesecake Factory!! (don't judge....for lunch & dinner)
Game Works
Scott climbed the rock wall at REI
& the
Northbend Outlet Mall

We are SO proud of Scott for
becoming a
college graduate!
I know all of his hard work
has come from his love for me and Avery, and
now we're moving on to even more school,
but I'm sure we'll have a blast together on our
new adventure of having 2 babies
Law School.

Babe, you've made all of my dreams come true,
and you just keep going.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday
Grandpa Watson!!!!

My Grandpa turned 80 yesterday, so we had a little party for him.

Some fun memories I have of Grandpa Watson are....
He's always been the Grandpa that could make us laugh.
He'd 'eat' our arms and say we tasted like chocolate or
He'd have horse rides on his legs, one was young,
fast & crazy, one was old & slow.
He'd take us to the mall and give us $20
that we'd spend in about a minute.
He always wanted to drive us to our first day of school
and would honk the horn and embarrass us as
we got out of the car.
He'd play hide-and-go seek with us when he babysat us.
We'd have "Relief Society" tea parties with real China tea settings and we'd eat
Doritos nachos and Oreos and Root Beer and Sparkling Apple Cider. He taught us to hold
out our pinkie finger while we drank from our little tea-cups.
He was a pro at making our favorite meal,
Mac & Cheese.
He's always made sure we had a few
dollars in our pockets.
He'd let my sister and I know that we were the prettiest girls
at school.
He drove me down to Rexburg in the middle of winter, just so I'd
know how to get home when I went to school there.
He's always the first to give me a hug, a sloppy wet kiss and tell me he loves me
and that he's proud of me.
Every time we leave after visiting him, he
tells us to come back again.

He's given me so many good memories,

We love you Grandpa Watson!!!

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