Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The day we had a puppy.

We have been looking at puppies for over a year now. 
My thought has always been to wait until we have a house with a backyard...but
last Monday, we  found this sweet little guy and all fell in love!
He was the sweetest puppy! He let my kids pull and poke and was
just happy to be around them, so we brought him home.
The next morning, Scott woke up congested with blood shot eyes and a rash 
on his neck and we figured he was allergic.
The kids played with him all morning and by the afternoon, he was doing great with
going potty outside...but with Scott reacting that way to him, we knew we couldn't keep him.
So we took him back, telling Avery that we just were watching him for the day and
that his brother and friends were waiting for him.
Talk about killing a 3 year old's dream! She was so devastated! I still feel so bad when Avery brings him up,
which is like 5 times a day.
I hope we can find another good puppy for our will have to be
something that Scott can live with. But until then, we'll remember the sweet little beagle that we
named Charlie.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Good thing these kiddos gave me some inspiration for blogging again....
Avery begs me on a daily basis to bake something with her and Jax can't ever be left out!
We ended up making some cupcakes and the best part for them was licking the 
batter, they are so my kids!

"Are they done yet, mom???"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Avery and Jax went to a few parties this year with friends and
here they are at a Valentine's Day tea party.
The kids all dressed up, ate yummy food, read love stories and
made love potion. Jax sat and quietly listened to all of the stories, it was too cute!

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