Thursday, July 21, 2011

be prepared for a lott of cuteness.

Family Pics 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jax LOVES feeding himself....he makes a bigger mess
than I know what to do with! Most nights, he gets stripped naked before
he eats...we've learned our lesson!
We're just so happy that he finally enjoys food, that we don't mind much.
Plus he gets pretty proud of himself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Most days we are either at a
splash pad
neighborhood swimming pool
or swimming outside our front door!
Luckily Jax tolerates getting splashed in the face....that's how much
he loves his big sister!
This summer has been HOT & HUMID. So if we're outside...we are in water!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Future cheerleader??
I'll admit I probably like dressing Avery up more than she does...
can you blame me?!

Yep, still love kissing those cheeks.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sadly this is the only picture I took on Jax's
9 month photo day....but I think its a perfect description of how
this little man is most days, naked and climbing! He crawls and climbs up everything!!! my legs, the tub, the windows,
walls, couch, table, fridge....EVERYTHING! He loves it! And he just
keeps getting braver...which is a sign of things to come I think.
He has 2 little bottom teeth that made life a lot of fun for a few days...
but besides teething and night time, our boy is the easiest happiest
baby I know. He naps wherever...literally! We've been going to
a neighborhood kids pool and he usually just ends up taking his afternoon nap
snuggled up to me, getting splashed by the kids. He lights up my day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

This year we got to spend Independence Day in Omaha for the first time!
We went to a parade in a super cute neighborhood with some friends.
The parade was a bunch of people who did homemade floats and were judged
on them. There were a bunch of little kid floats that were cute to look at,
there was even a baby riding a miniature pony!
We didn't stay long enough to find out who won, but it was really fun!
Avery had tons of fun picking up the candy that the people were tossing to her, she's got a pretty good stash!
Jax slept through most of it like the good boy he is!
Then we went to lunch with friends who have a baby boy
the exact same age as Jax, they have the same b-day!
We had a bbq with some friends for dinner
& all of the men lit off fireworks,while the kids threw pop-its everywhere.
Avery would come up to Scott and take a bunch and then hand them
out to all of her friends, she even was popping them in her fingers,
crazy girl!
We didn't end up watching fireworks, the kids (and us)
were so worn out by the end of the night,
but now we know what to do here for next year!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who loves watermelon???


Happy Birthday to Scott!

We celebrated Scott's 26th birthday this weekend!

The kiddos and I brought Scott a cake & balloons to his
work bbq on Friday and got to meet everyone that he works with.
Then we got a babysitter and went to a movie on Friday night!
We LOVE going to movies!! We wish we could get babysitters more often to
be able to go more!
On Saturday, Scott got to go golfing in the morning for one
of his birthday presents and then we spent the day picking out a big girl bed for Avery.
We went to the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner & the
kids slept through most of it! It was the best birthday present they could give Scott! :)

Haha, I had them sing to him...he loved me for that...

Scott opening his presents.....

3 cases of his favorite pop!

His favorite gift!
It says:
1 free Saturday morning of:
No house projects
No studying
& No poopy diapers

Ave asleep at dinner, AMAZING!

We hope you had an awesome birthday babe,
we are so glad you were born 26 years ago!!

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