Friday, December 10, 2010

Children's Museum!

We went to the Children's Museum this week with Katie & Logan.
We've been hearing about how awesome the museum is since we've moved here,
and it's a perfect place to kill some time when it's too cold to play outside.
It's $5 bucks for a year's pass, we'll be going a lot for sure!
There's so much for little kids to do there, we
painted Avery's face, did crafts, played on every slide possible
and got soaking wet with a water toy that the
kids were obsessed with.
Avery's been talking about it all day today, she
can't wait to go back!

Christmas tree!

This year Avery was all about decorating our tree!
She broke and ate almost all of the candy canes, but it was fun to watch her
decorate something. She made this little ornament at the Children's Museum.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SANTA 2010

Luckily neither kid freaked out with Santa. Avery was so shy she would just whisper what we were telling her to tell him , and Jax slept through the hour of waiting in line
like his sweet little self. Now every time Ave sees
a candy cane she wants Santa!
Guess What?!

I'm 2 months old!!

I still like to....
be held 24/7
look exactly like my daddy
sit in my swing
be swaddled
sleep by being held

New things I'm doing are:
SMILING! at everyone and everything!
noticing things around me
recognizing my mommy's voice
smiling at my big sister
tummy time

Baby boy, you are growing way tooooo fast for me!
Slow it down a bit!
I'm so blessed to have you, I can't get over how cute/fun/sweet
you are. I'm SO lucky to be your momma!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 years!

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary on
I love our anniversary date, it's so easy to remember!
And I like the way it sounds.
But we hate that we're always so poor in December......
maybe someday we'll be able to go to Hawaii, or somewhere romantic and warm.
But until then, I'll totally settle on going out to eat with my favorite people!
Scott took the night off from studying and we went to
the Cheesecake Factory.
We were able to have some friends watch Avery for us,
so we had a super quiet meal, Jax slept pretty much the whole time,
he's such a good baby, we love him!
Then we came home and hung out with our little family.
I can't believe how much we've squeezed into 3 years.
2 babies! Sounds crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way, they bring
so much love into our lives, and we totally appreciate anytime we get
to ourselves, which is usually while we're brushing our teeth before bed....but
we love it.
I couldn't imagine life without my hubby, he's amazing!
We've really only had each other these past few months, and even though there's
been hard times, we've had such a blast with our new adventure.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Smiles!!!

How precious is he??!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Great-Grandpa Gilbert

My Great-Grandpa Gilbert passed away
on November 22, 2010. He was such a sweet Grandpa.
Even though he has like a million grandchildren and great-grandchildren,
he always made me feel like I was special when he saw me.
He'd give me one of his sweet smiles and hugs.
These are the only pictures I have of him recently.
It's a bittersweet passing, he's finally reunited with my Great-Grandma
and I'm sure they love being together again.
Love you Grandpa!

I've seen this picture many times,
but just realized it was of my Grandparents on the
day of their wedding. They're so good looking!!

Grandpa's 90th birthday party. I was pregnant with Avery,
his first Great-Great-Grandchild.

Grandpa holding Avery at the hospital,
I love his face in this second picture.

Okay,'s a few pics of the momma....

PRICELESS- I love my girl.

(Poor Jax was so hungry, he's searching
for his food!)

I've been feeling bad that I haven't taken any pictures with my kids
since we were in the hospital. My face has been a little weird looking, but I want pictures with them, so here they are!
Oh, and my face is looking way better then it did 5 weeks ago. Right after I had Jax, I developed Bell's Palsy. It's a temporary paralysis of the face, and it can happen to anyone, I was just one of the lucky ladies that got to experience it after having a baby! So, I was diagnosed with it about a week after Jax's birth. Luckily, things are starting to get back to normal, it's not 100%, but I'm able to lift my eyebrow, move my mouth WAY more than before and I'm not in pain anymore. So we're just hoping that things continue to get better!

Bathing the Babies

We attempted bathing Avery & Jax together....
talk about a workout! Jax kept sliding down
into the water up to his mouth, swallowing water.
But he loved it! FINALLY!
And now Avery begs to take a
''bubble bash'' with "baby Jax" everyday.
I tried it all by myself a few days ago
and Jax may or may not have gone in all the way up to his nose while I was
scrubbing Avery's hair.

I L.O.V.E having 2 babies!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

We went to the wards

My two little monkeys!
Jax is 1 month old!

Jax, you love to:
be held 24/7 by your mommy
quiver your little chin when you cry
sit in your swing
sneeeze 5 times in a row
make cute noises when you breathe after you eat
be swaddled
kick your feet
toot while you eat

You are such a sweet boy, we love you!

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's fun being home owners...because we get to do


Kitchen After:

wall color
painted cabinets
light fixture

Still want to:
replace counter tops
put in back splash...
and possibly repaint. I miss my red! We'll see....

to Scott's mom for helping us paint!!

We have an awesome friend who is a photographer in our
ward who took Jax's pictures for us, we LOVE how they turned out!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I CAN do this!

Today I dropped off
G-ma Boyce to go home
after 10 awesome days of help.
Before that, G-ma & G-pa Watson were here for a week.
Before that, aunt Ray-Ray was here for a long weekend.

Now....I don't know when family will come again...(HINT HINT)
Let's just say I had a mini-heart-attack/panic attack/hysterical moment
as I pulled out onto the road.
Avery was screaming from saying good-bye
and I knew Scott wouldn't be home for a good 3 hours.
But....I said a little prayer, turned up the music
and sang along (to drown out the screaming)
and by the time we got home, both babies were asleep.
I carried baby 1 in.
Then went back for baby 2.
I laid baby 2 on the couch, put a blanket on her
& carefully took baby 1 out of his car seat, wrapped him
up and laid him down on the chair (and he actually slept!).
I was able to:
text my sister using both hands,
watch last weeks Grey's,
make lasagna for dinner
either baby woke up.


Jax's 1st bath
at home

Poor little guy....

Well, it lasted about hmmm 2 minutes?
This boy definately doesn't like bath time....

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