Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's the number to poison control??

This little man gets into
His last and biggest mess happened Saturday.
Imagine my sweet husband waking up earrrrrrrly with the kiddos,
letting me sleep in.
I wake up a couple hours later.
Walk down stairs.
Look at my coffee table, covered in pink gel nail polish.
Then look at my 2 day old, brand new leather couches to see
more pink nail polish, this time, a hand print is visible.
I inhale loudly, yelling for Scott.
To which I hear, "I know!"
Then I look at my sweet baby boy, and his entire mouth is
covered in pink nail polish.
Scott is trying to get it off the baby, kitchen floor, coffee table and couch
all at the same time.
Then we figure, okay, we don't know how much he's eaten.
Should we call poison control?
What is the number to poison control?
We called, they said it happens all the time, just try to have him
drink lots of fluids.
Which for this particular little man, means nurse. all. day.
We put him in the tub and scrubbed, but this nail polish isn't normal nail polish,
so soap and warm water and a little scrubbing just isn't doing it.
His breath smelled like nail polish all day.
I didn't think to take pictures until the end of the day at dinner time,
when most of it was off, luckily.
Maybe mommies just shouldn't sleep in??
Little man, is thisjust a sign of things to come??
Avery, did you open the nail polish bottle???
So many questions unanswered....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 years old!

3 years ago, this little girl made me a momma.
I can't believe how fast time goes by when you have kids, it's crazy!
Avery, we have said this for months,
first you're sour....then you're sweet! You have the cutest, sassiest little personality.
You can make us laugh with all of your quirks and witty remarks, without even trying!
You have become the best big sister, I always hear you introduce your
'baby bruffer' to everyone you meet.
We have heard from so many that you are so sweet to those around you,
especially sad kids in Primary, you always try to make them feel better.
It makes me so proud to hear that you think of others, and want to
make everyone happy!
We love you so much!!

This year we went to McD's for dinner, per request of the birthday princess.
And then we headed over to Chuck-E-Cheese, because since last year,
that is all this little girl talks about!
Her favorite thing is putting the coin in the game and ripping the tickets out
of the slot.
It's the little things in life that bring Avery happiness!

Happy Birthday, baby girl!
We love you more than anything!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Princess Party

Avery got to have her first birthday party!
She invited all of her little friends here in our neighborhood and
was so excited to have a birthday party!

They decorated jewelry boxes with glitter & gem stickers....

They played pin the crown on the princess...

They made edible jewelry with stringing different candy on

This was too tempting to have out for 2 hours before her party....

"Is it time for my party yet??"

The cake

The group!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Someone's growing up!

We finally got Avery a big girl bed!
There's this awesome furniture store here with an outlet, so we went to check it out
and got an awesome deal on a mattress and bed frame for her!
Her headboard has three little cubbies, so she can have her books and stuffed animals
that she insists on sleeping with, so far it's worked out really well!
It seemed like the right time to have her move on from the crib and move Jax in.
They've been sleeping in the same room for about 2 weeks and it's going SO SO well!
Our only complaint is that
Jax would probably sleep a little longer if Avery didn't wake up and run over to turn on their light, yelling "WAKE UP JAXY!"
The first night we put her in, we were ready to be putting her back over
and over. We thought she'd realize her freedom to get out and run downstairs.
She did really well and stayed in bed.
The next night, we heard her little footsteps come to the top of the stairs,
and I told Scott I was pretty sure she was sneaking down...
next thing we know, she's peeking at us over the ledge.
So Scott took her back up and she stayed.
Since then, we've stuck with putting Avery to bed first and then getting
Jax to sleep and laying him down.
She's pretty good at staying in bed, the only thing now is every time we go
to put Jax in bed, her light is on!
I haven't found any bedding that I'm in love with enough to pay so much
money for, so for now she's sleeping with a few blankets until
we find something permanent.
The only thing wrong with that is teaching her how to make her bed....
it would probably be easier if she just had one comforter.
We're so proud of how well she's doing!!
Now that we know where their furniture will be, I can
FINALLY finish putting up their pictures and shelves which have been sitting
in their closet since we painted their room in...May!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little plumber's crack to brighten your day

He'll love me for this someday.

what a 1.99 can do for a little girl

Avery saw this finger paint and wanted it more than anything..
I though, eh, for a 1.99, I'll make her little wish come true.
I forgot to think that she'd need paper, and probably something to put the paper on
to save my kitchen table. I'd have used newspaper if we got the paper....but the plastic
mat that we found actually has come in handy a lot!
It is one messy mess when we get it out....and to make my nerves be able to
stand bright red, yellow, green & blue paint, my undivided attention is needed.
So Avery & I spend our late mornings when Jax is napping finger painting
works of art.
We're learning the letter "A". How to draw it and what it sounds like.
I think I'm just going to work on her name, and this finger
paint is the best way to keep her attention span in learning it.
She's such a sponge!

Friday, September 9, 2011

2 peas in a pod...or bedroom

It finally happened!
Avery & Jax are successfully sleeping in the same room....
and it only took 11 whole months!
We tried a few months back.
We stuck them in the same room, both wide awake, hoping that they would
lull or laugh each other to sleep.
Rookie mistake.
Instead, they sat and switched off screaming bloody murder...with the occasional
silence of catching their breath.
Avery would yell "out of my room jaxy!"
This time however....we prepped Avery as much as possible, making her think it was
going to be THE COOLEST thing ever to sleep with her
baby bruffer(brother).
And it worked!
They've slept the WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH
(miracle in itself for the boy)
for 2 nights...tonight is number 3 and
I'm crossing my fingers for the same scenario!
We sure love our little pea pods!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

sometimes you can't even pretend to be happy for pictures

Tonight we were supposed to take Jax's 11 month pictures.
He was supposed to sit and smile all cute, show off those huge top teeth,
that just keep getting bigger.
But instead, Jax made a humongous mess, pulling everything out of the entertainment
center, which resulted in me saying, "no, no, no" and cleaning said mess up, which
resulted in the pictures you see below.
Jax has learned what "no" means, but only in the way of it means he doesn't
get to do what he wants to do, not that he shouldn't do it.
That's something new since turning 11 months old.
He says "bubba bubba", which may be a coincidence, but it's his nickname,
so maybe he's saying it because he hears it all day?
He's been having to get used to Scott again, since we were gone for 3 weeks
and then a week late, Scott was gone for 5 days.
It's been an ongoing adjustment.

Jax, even though you have been a whiny little monster,
we still love you SO MUCH!
We can't believe how fast you're growing!

Dance the night away

How is it that my girl is old enough to take dance classes????!
I missed the first part of class, so when I got there they were getting ready for treats
(which is probably going to be her favorite part).
All I know is she looks ADORABLE in a leotard & tutu.
Hopefully these classes will bring some grace to our clumsy girl...
she is constantly tripping over nothing...not watching where she's going and running into things.
Kinda reminds of her aunty Ray-Ray....

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