Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grady William Boyce

Grady William Boyce is here!
He was born on June 22nd at 8:07am and
weighed 9.1 lbs and was 21 inches long.

The weeks leading up to his birth, we tried everything we
could to induce labor so I wouldn't have to have
a repeat c-section, but nothing was working. The baby
was measuring big and
I also had polyhydraminos, which meant that I had 
too much amniotic fluid (I had the same issue with Jax).
So, we decided that if he wasn't here by my due date, 
we would have a repeat c-section.
We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 10am on Friday, June 21st. The kids were going to be going to our parents house
and that morning we were all prepared to go, and had just left when I realized that I had a voice mail from  the hospital. We called them back and they ended up being full that day, so instead of having a baby,the kids and I went home and Scott headed off to study. I was really upset, I finally had felt at peace with
doing the c-section, the kids were really excited and then
everything was postponed. Lukily we only had to wait one more day.
So we got up bright and early on Saturday, the 22nd and Grady
was born at 8:07am.

After Grady was born, he was having difficulty breathing. Nothing too serious, but
they had us do skin on skin contact all morning to help calm him
down and get his oxygen levels to where they needed to be.
When the pediatrician came to check on him, they decided 
that to be on the safer side, they needed to rule out more serious complications.
Poor Grady was poked so many times that day! They also did 
an x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Talk about a stressful morning.
But Grady passed every test and we were so relieved!  
Since he was over 9 pounds, they also had to test his blood sugar
every few hours. When we got home, he had so many scabs on his heels 
from being poked at so much!

 I didn't know when I wanted the kids to come to the hospital before I had the 
baby. But I was ready to see them meet their baby brother, so they came later in the afternoon.
Avery was instantly all over him, she's such an affectionate big sister! Jax kind of ignored me
and then finally came over and held him. He was much more into it the next day. I'm 
sure being in the hospital was weird for him, but he's adjusted so well to being a big brother, 
I'm so happy about that. 

The hospital that we had Grady at was insanely busy. I was disappointed with my
experience with the staff this time around, but oh well. Grady wasn't bathed until really late 
the night that I had him, so he had blood and gunk on his head all day.
When they were finally able to bathe him, he hated it! Haha,
I think all of my babies have screamed through their first bath.

Going home!
We came home from the hospital on Monday the 24th.

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