Saturday, March 31, 2012

Family Time in WA

I didn't get many pictures because we were so busy getting the final details taken care of with the wedding, but here's a few of what  I was able to get!

Rachel & Jax

"Golden Nana" reading books to the kiddos.

 Scott's sweet Grandpa Gardner.

 My reunion with my sister Chrissy....2 years too long!!

This girl gives me the best advice. Love you Chrissy!

 Even Jax got obsessed with rubbing Andrew's head, he's got the coolest hair!

Jax, Grandpa Watson & Jake.

Rachey & Brandon's Wedding!

The kiddos and I did what I swore I would never do again after last summer....we flew home, just me and them! They did so well on the flights to Washington...the way back to Omaha was a different story...
But we made it there, and got to share Rachel's big day with her, which meant so much to me!
I got to be there for her bridal shower, where she got some pretty embarrassing stuff, it was so funny
watching her open her gifts.

After the shower it was back to wedding business! My mom did such an amazing
job with the wedding decor...and of course I didn't get any pictures of it!
But it was so beautiful! We're so happy for Rachel & Brandon!!

Avery & Jax 

 Jax & Spencer

Jax & Andrew 

 The lovebirds.

 They were way too nice!

Scott's mom & I made this beauty!! So glad it turned out! 

After they opened ALL 12389435 of their presents.

Made. For. Each. Other.

Monday, March 5, 2012

this makes me smile.

Forced kisses...

Jax barely fitting into the sink...along with a defrosting turkey.

Averys' little face. I love it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

little man's thoughts.

i think i'm mr. big boy.
i'm 16 months old!
i have to keep up with everyone, so of course i'm
sitting at the table eating my pb & j.
i climb up on the chair all by myself anyway, so my ma lets me eat there sometimes.
that's what i call her, "ma".  i call my dad that too.
i can say ball and i sound german when i say it.
i probably say ball because i'm obsessed with anything round.
i get really excited when i see the big red balls at target, they're my fave.
i'm into climbing onto anything i can.
i like my bottles now, when i hear my mom say 'night-night' i beg for my baba.
i sleep through the night now like a champ, and i share a room with my big sister, she's pretty cool.
i know some sign language now...the words
 i'm best at are: more, all done and please.
my ma's make me do it all the time.
i just learned what a cow says, so now i can say moooooo.
 and i still got my parents wrapped around my finger, 
so life is good.

all done!


sometimes i rub my belly instead of my chest, but this means please!

the end.
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